passionate father.

dedicated journalist.

die hard minnesota sports fan.

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a little bit about me


I was born and raised right here in Minnesota, and currently live in Lake Elmo with two beautiful children - Jack and Ruby. Jack just completed 1st grade, and Ruby will be attending Kindergarten next year - both attend public school.  

a lucky man

I was born with a defect that required a kidney transplant when I was in high school - my father was the donor. In 2010, I required a second surgery - I had no job and spent several months on dialysis. Thanks to federal assistance and a brother who was a perfect match, I have been fortunate to continue a normal, healthy life.  


I started my career in the newsroom as a journalist out of college. I was a TV reporter, where my job was to give voice to the voiceless. I've covered multiple presidential campaigns, dozens of city councils and school boards - with the goal to understand the issues from multiple points of view.

After 7 years of covering local news in Spokane, WA, Madison, WI and here in the Twin Cities - I went into marketing communications. 

My corporate career includes time at Target Corp and JCPenney - where I spearheaded award-winning projects and led large marketing teams to implement new and innovative programs. I was tasked with working with multiple CEOs and partners to affect change within these large companies.

I returned to the Twin Cities to work with some former TV News colleagues at i.e. network - a marketing and communications firm in Minneapolis. 

political beginnings

Politics has always been in my blood.

Elected Minnesota Boy's State Governor 1998, I represented the state in the Oval Office by Bill Clinton. A true honor. But perhaps even more impactful was meeting Paul Wellstone - a man with so much energy for justice. 

Since, I've worked on and supported dozens of campaigns, most recently worked on the Dean Phillips US Congressional campaign through my digital marketing agency.


I graduated from Trinity School at River Ridge (in Bloomington at the time) and went on to study Broadcast Journalism and Philosophy at Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA. And yes, I'm a huge college basketball fan. Go Zags! 🏀

a coach

In my free time, I enjoy coaching sports - including my son's soccer and football teams - along with the Trinity at River Ridge Varsity Basketball team - where I am an alum.